Text Neck Solutions Workshop:

 Taking Control of a Digital Age Epidemic

Text Neck and corporate wellness workshops

Text neck is being deemed a new worldwide epidemic. 


The average person texts and scrolls on smartphones for at least 5- 6 hours a day, and the time spent attached to our devices is steadily increasing as the range of mobile devices, apps, and social media sites expands. 


But holding and looking down at i-Phones, i-Watches, tablets, e-readers and personal gaming consoles transforms our normal, posture into one that immediately overtaxes neck muscles and damages the spine.


These are just a few symptoms of Text Neck:


  • Muscle pain and fatigue

  • Nerve pain and paresthesia in neck, arms, hands

  • Spinal dysfunction (herniated disks and degenerative bone conditions, etc)

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Tendinitis

  • Chronic elevated stress hormones

In this 60-minute office wellness workshop we cover: 


  • What Text Neck is exactly, the most common symptoms, and why we’re at-risk

  • How to re-learn posture and ergonomics related to mobile devices by making simple changes

  • Instruction on stretches and exercises that specifically relieve pain, tension, and fatigue associated with TN

  • Instruction on mindfulness, plus tools to modify how we use mobile devices & computers


Attendees also receive:

  • PDF with additional helpful tools and links to free mindfulness meditation downloads​