Coming Feb 15 & 16, 2020

Centered Together Workshop

Partner Massage, Meditation & Thai Yoga Stretching

You're invited to a one of kind explorative workshop for partners. In this two and a half hour class you'll learn to practice simple mindfulness & meditation exercises, relaxing couple's massage techniques, and partner Thai yoga stretches.

This class is designed to strengthen self-awareness, trust and connection. These exercises can help you become more centered, relaxed and focused *together* and can assist you in supporting each other in your everyday wellness practices as well as personal goals.

Class space is limited so that everyone has an opportunity to learn and experience specialized techniques or adaptations for their individual needs. This course is open to ALL levels and experience.

No oils or lotions are used- all work is done on the floor on mats. Please wear clothes that stretch and allow movement (yoga/ exercise wear), and bring an exercise mat for each person. Additional mats and blankets/ bolsters will be provided for your comfort.

All partners and couples are welcome- this includes friends and family members as well. At this time there must be two people in your party to register.


Location: CRS Center for Remembering & Sharing (Union Square)

Price: Pre-Registration *$125 PER COUPLE* Before 12/31/19
$150 PER COUPLE after 1/1/20
*Gift Certificates are Available*





Jessica Crow is the founder of CenteredNYC ( She has over 20 years of therapeutic massage experience and 10 years of yoga and meditation instruction that have informed workshops for licensed practitioners, therapists and the general public across the US, Caribbean, Europe and the UK.

My new public course Taking Control of Text Neck

is now Live on Udemy

Taking Control of Text Neck

A Digital Age Epidemic

The average adult spends 5-6 hours a day on their mobile device, and younger generations spend 8-9 hours. The more technology grows and apps evolve, the higher these numbers will become.

Because form follows function, the shape of the human body is suffering painful consequences.


Text Neck (aka Tech Neck) is a condition caused by a forward-head posture that produces pain, limited ROM, fatigue, headaches, nerve problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression… and more.


It sometimes begins by sitting at desks and working hunched over computers and notebooks using poor ergonomics, but it is heavily exacerbated by working and playing on smaller mobile devices during the rest of the day. 


This class gives learners practical, highly effective tools to correct their own posture, relieve symptoms, and prevent future damage.