Mindfulness Meditation & Workplace Ergonomics Workshop

In this 60-minute workshop we cover:

Science & Social 


  •       What IS meditation really?

  •       Review current research outcomes- How and Why meditation changes our brain & behavior

  •       What influential leaders /companies are using meditation practices to improve their health, boost their creativity and focus, improve sleep, master relationships, etc.



Experiential Practice


  •       Three to five short guided mindfulness meditation or breathing exercises (5-10 min.) (Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts, Walking; Breathing techniques for energy and focus or for stress reduction and sleep, etc)

  •       Feedback and questions

  •       How to be consistent with practice and develop a daily meditation habit (the best style of practice for you is what you resonate with & what works for your lifestyle and schedule)

  •       Meditation that breaks the mold- taking your practice into your everyday life by building self-awareness of subtle experience ( Setting up reminders; Links to free guided meditations)



Mindfulness & Ergonomics 

  • Re-discovering the position our bodies are meant to be in (where is neutral?) and how a seated and forward head and arm position can tax the body over time

  • The most common overuse symptoms and injuries caused by poor ergonomics in the workplace- thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, text neck, lower back pain, etc

  • Adjusting your desk and workspace to avoid strain and overuse- positioning of chair, keyboard/mouse, and monitor(s) to avoid pain and fatigue

  • Take control back- Get up and Stretch! Simple stretches to reverse and remedy pain, tightness, tingling, and fatigue caused by poor office posture

  • Merging your mindfulness practice- Making a practice a ‘checking in’ to create a perpetual experience of body/postural awareness and restore alignment and optimal health