Mindscaping® Meditation and

Mindfulness Training

Mindscaping® Meditation sessions combine some of the most effective techniques across meditation disciplines and psychology that create immediate awareness, relaxation, and intentional focus.

"Mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present. It’s a practice of regaining control over our attention so we can act with intelligent and intentional planning rather than react out of emotion. 

We can learn proven methods to watch our thought patterns and determine which are beneficial and which are obstacles for our highest cognitive functioning"

- Founder CenteredNYC

Mindfulness and meditation training shift the creative output of the brain on both behavioral and physiological levels. Consistent practice means less distraction and better attentive focus.
 When we use our mental energy more economically we actually get more done while producing a better quality of work by accessing more creativity and problem-solving skills.


"Being mindful can profoundly influence the ethos and culture of an organization as well as those at the centre of it who take the first step. It can shift the balance from feeling controlled to that of being focused and aware of how we manage our own minds and the impact of our decisions on individuals, organizations and services"  

International Journal of Leadership in Public Services 2012

A Mindscaping® class is designed to last 20-45 minutes and is presented to either small groups or to individuals as private in-person or virtual Skype sessions.
Sessions are specifically tailored with your company's goals and the employee's personal needs in mind.

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